Fixed Income Analytics

Our fixed income analytics consulting practice focuses on meeting the needs of our clients’ most complex, complicated fixed income data environments.

Adeptyx brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into such industry standard platforms as Yield Book, Barclay’s POINT, Blackrock, BondEdge/CMS and Bloomberg.  Adeptyx primarily focuses on three specific areas within the Fixed Income Analytics space:

  • Development Projects – Adeptyx has the expertise to help you solve your development needs.  Whether it is a smaller effort spanning a few weeks to support the newest fixed income derivative or a major enhancement or implementation of Yield Book, POINT, or Blackrock, we can help you achieve a smooth implementation to minimize disruption to your business.
  • Support Optimization – The complexity of fixed income analytics processing can lead to inadequate support environments.  These situations may result in inaccurate data, delays in meeting production service levels and lack of confidence from the user base.  Adeptyx can build an automated, results-driven solution to eliminate these support issues, leading to improved production service levels, reduced support costs, and satisfied users.
  • Cost Structure Enhancement – with providers such as Yield Book charging clients on a per-CPU minute basis, running unnecessary, inefficient or duplicate calculations can lead to thousands of dollars in excess costs per year.  Engaging Adeptyx to perform a comprehensive review of your overnight batch coding can lead to substantial and immediate cash savings.

Systems Expertise:  Barclay’s POINT, BlackRock Solutions® (Aladdin® and Risk Analytics), Barra, Bloomberg® Data License, Interactive Data Corp (CMS/BondEdge, FI Interactive), and Yield Book

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