The Problem: Tracking all client mandates and investment policy contracts is difficult.

  • Information provided by clients is generally free-form and difficult to organize and maintain
  • Clients can provide updates in many ways: New IPS, letters, faxes, e-mails, etc.
  • Confirmation of appropriate tracking mechanisms is difficult
  • Events that require reactions can unfold quickly
  • Overall effort is labor intensive and prone to error

The Solution: Adeptyx has developed a web-based application to help track client contracts, guidelines and mandates. It does this by:

  • Supporting the decomposition of prospectuses and contracts into constituent mandates and capturing this information in a structured manner
  • Tracking the source of each mandate
  • Documenting internal interpretation of guidelines for consistent understanding across legal, compliance, and portfolio management
  • Identifying the method used to ensure compliance and who is responsible
  • Supporting comprehensive auditing

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