“Solutions” projects often stem from Assessment and Strategy initiatives. Once you know the areas that you want to improve, determining the most appropriate solution is the next logical step.

In some cases, an off-the-shelf (OTS) application may be the best solution. In those situations, Adeptyx consultants can leverage their expertise in running RFI and RFP projects to help you efficiently get to the best outcome.

Often you may have a unique approach or problem for which there is no appropriate OTS solution. Adeptyx consultants can help you create a custom solution for these projects. We have designed appropriate solutions for dozens of institutional asset managers. Our recommendations are comprehensive; we emphasize maintaining data integrity, designing a simple but powerful user experience and leveraging technologies to increase flexibility and supportability of the application over the long-term.

Sample projects include:

  • Problem Diagnosis and Solution Definition
  • Quarterly Client Reporting
  • Custom Institutional Cash Flow Management System
  • Automated Web Reporting extension to CRD
  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring System
  • Automated Data Monitoring

Case Studies:

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