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Adeptyx was founded in 2009 by Ari Fuad, a twenty-five-year veteran of the Asset and Wealth Management industry. The founding focus is, and will always be, to counsel Asset and Wealth Managers on operational and technology strategies and partner with them to deliver exceptional value.

Every one of the Adeptyx consultants has extensive investment operations and technical skills along with successful track records of working alongside clients to solve their most challenging problems. We know what strategies work in highly specific situations, and we know what hasn’t worked and why.

Adeptyx continually evolves in tandem with the industry. Portfolio Optimization and Data Management, for example, were in their infancy in 2009 and have moved to the forefront of our client needs. Through training, internal labs, strategic partnerships and industry associations, Adeptyx consultants are leading subject-matter-experts in these domains.  

Meet The Team

Why elite Asset and Wealth Management firms choose to work with Adeptyx.

Industry expertise and knowledge of our consultants.

The ability to balance emerging trends and practical solutions. Reputation for delivering high-impact transformations.

Expert consultants. Trusted Advisors.

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