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Case Studies

Case Study 1

CASE STUDY 1: Operational Analysis

End-to-end operational analysis and digital transformation roadmap project 

$15 Billion AUM    Institutional Accounts    Hedge Funds   Mutual Funds    80% of AUM is FI


Client relied heavily on a few tenured internal experts to manage data.

Client relied heavily on use of spreadsheets and MS Access.

Client had no unified integrated portfolio management, pre-trade compliance, and order management / trade execution system.

Manual files were needed to create a start of day view for portfolio management.

Client was underspending on technology compared to industry standards.


Eliminate the dependency on the investment accounting system as the central source of data.

Allow for self service – easier access to validated data.

Efficiently connect client key systems versus point-to-point interfaces between each system.

Allow for streamlined faster future vendor solution implementations.

Implement a “Golden Copy” / “Single Version of the Truth” managed by data governance procedures.

Implement a data warehouse that provides centralized storage of current and historical data (i.e., portfolio holdings, trades, performance and benchmark returns, etc.) to be used for marketing, regulatory reporting, client reporting, and management reporting.

Move towards a real-time environment.


A detailed current state analysis with observations and recommendations of end-to-end systems and processes.

Interviewed over 30 client professionals, reviewed client documentation, and conducted brief observation sessions. 

Facilitated work shops.


Designed a future state architecture model.

Developed an implementation road map with projects that include a description, effort, estimated cost resource requirements and other factors.

The first project was to evaluate, search, select and implement a data management / EDM solution.
This is a major dependency for all other projects.

The second project is to evaluate, search, select and implement a client portal.

The third project is to evaluate, search, select, and implement a front office solution (PMS, OMS, EMS) for both equity and fixed income.


Portfolio management, pre and post trade compliance, trading, post-trade and settlement, investment accounting, performance measurement and attribution, client fee billing, reconciliation, corporate actions, client reporting, client portal, and, most importantly, data management


3 Months


Designed an end-to-end system architecture model that will allow the client to scale.

case study 2

CASE STUDY 2: Security Master

Gold Standard Security Master Project

$578 Billion AUM    Institutional Accounts    Mutual Funds    SMA's


Security market data was sourced from multiple, overlapping, vendors

License agreements restricted redistribution of market data across client’s internal applications

Security Master data quality management was manually intensive  


Improve the quality, consistency and effectiveness of security master data in all client applications and outputs

Streamline all necessary security market data from multiple sources (Bloomberg, ICE, FactSet, etc.)

Create a real-time central data hub to capture security refence data from all sources for consolidation and storage 

Build a User Interface to easily view and override third-party security market data as needed. 

Enhance the data warehouse to serve as the single repository for “gold copy” security master data through-out the enterprise.  

Standardize the internal systems to receive gold copy security master data from the data warehouse



Conduct a detailed current state analysis with observations and recommendations of end-to-end usage of security master data


Renegotiate license agreements with market data providers to permit usage of market data in applicable internal systems.


Designed a future state architecture model for all security master data


Developed an implementation road map with supporting projects which included work effort, estimated cost(s), and resource requirements


A new security master data hub and user interface to view and override receipt and delivery of security master data into the data warehouse and consuming systems

A new Data Quality & Control Team to monitor and edit the daily end-to-end market data  flow, utilizing the new security master user interface

A significant reduction of data exceptions and “orphan” records

Improved consistency of security master data in all client applications.


Portfolio management, pre-trade compliance, trading, post-trade and settlement, investment accounting, performance measurement and attribution, client fee billing, reconciliation, corporate actions, client reporting, client portal, and, most importantly, data management


6 Months


Designed an end-to-end Gold Copy Security Master model that will allow the client to scale and have a common/consistent data approach firm wide.

CASE STUDY 3: Equity Order Management System

Equity OMS and Equity/Fixed Income Compliance Implementation

Investment Management client      $200 Billion AUM     Institutional and Retail Accounts


The client’s legacy Equity Order Management System (OMS) and Equity/FI Compliance System was antiquated and was running on a dated Windows Operating System that Microsoft would stop supporting in 18 months.
The client had recently spent significant resources upgrading the legacy system. Another upgrade was required for the new Microsoft Operating System.

The client did not want to undertake another costly upgrade given the lack of functionality in the legacy system.

Client wanted to review other vendor solutions and convert to the solution that was best aligned to their business needs.


Conduct an RFP for a new Equity OMS and Equity/Fixed Income compliance system.

Once a replacement decision was reached, negotiate a contract and develop a new Operating Model.

Implement the new system across three locations in the US.

Integrate the new system with accounting, custody, data warehouse, brokers and others.

Complete the project within 18 months before Microsoft Operating System support expired. Extended Microsoft support would cost $1 million per day.



Conduct RFPs with six vendors.

Drive the client decision based on their unique needs. Charles River (CRD) was selected.

Work with CRD to configure OMS.

Build 800 Equity and FI rules in CRD compliance engine.

Fully integrate CRD with the client’s other systems and service providers.

Train 30+ Traders in three locations

Orchestrate the Go-Live cutover.


Successfully converted the client to the Charles River OMS and IM-Compliance system.

Established over 100 Broker connections and 2 Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) providers.

No trade errors.

The client’s Trading and Compliance departments were fully satisfied with the new system functionality.

Entire project completed within 18 months, prior to Microsoft Operating System expiration of legacy OMS.


Equity Front Office and OMS
Compliance Department and system
Accounting and Custody providers
Operations and Technology


18 Months


Implemented a leading Order Management and Compliance System which provided our client with increased capabilities and reduced manual intervention.

CASE STUDY 4: System Blueprint

Technology, Data, Process and Information Security Documentation 

Investment Management client    $94 Billion AUM    Institutional and Retail Accounts    Global Equity


Client’s internal documentation for technology, data and process flows,  Information security, disaster recovery and other areas was inconsistent.

The state of documentation limited the client CTO’s ability to easily answer inquiries from regulators or from their clients.

The client asked for Adeptyx to partner with them to create detailed documentation.



Document the following areas using MS Visio:

IT infrastructure (servers, databases, devices, applications, file shares) and connections for the Production and Disaster Recovery environments) 

Information Security (including Technology, Procedures/Control and Evidence)

Password Policy

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Investment Process (including research and portfolio optimization)

End-to-end data flow (Example, Trading: Orders > Execution > Compliance > Settlement > Reporting)

End-to-end operational process flow (Examples include New Account set-up, Cash subscriptions & liquidations)

Organizational Charts

Glossary of key terms



Interview Front Office, Compliance, Operations and IT staff to develop an understanding of the Current State environment

Create draft documentation using MS Visio

Review draft documentation with client leadership

Finalize the documentation based on client feedback


Delivered over 30 detailed and professional current state documents.

Client’s CTO utilized the documents numerous times to facilitate discussions with their clients and regulators.


Portfolio Management


18 Months


“We had the privilege of collaborating with Adeptyx on the technical documentation project, where their attention to detail, timely delivery, and professional demeanor made it a truly commendable experience. Adeptyx’s meticulous approach, punctual and pleasant collaboration was commendable."

- Bala Ragothaman,
CTO, LSV Asset Management

CASE STUDY 5: Billing System

Billing System Proof of Concept and Implementation

Asset/Investment Management Client    $170Bn AUM    Institutional Accounts    Mutual Funds   SMA's


Client’s legacy Billing System was developed in-house and lacked sufficient internal resources to maintain and make required enhancements. 

Client decided that a new Billing System was needed to meet new requirements and would be suitable for the client’s SMA accounts, Institutional accounts, and Performance-Based fee calculations.


Identify and document business and technical requirements for all business lines, calculation methodologies, invoicing types, using a SaaS/Cloud based platform.

Select a leading Billing System which would meet the client business and technical requirements.

Conduct a Proof of Concept with vendors to ensure that the Billing System would fit client needs

Execute a successful implementation of new system within a 12-month time frame.



Conduct a detailed current state analysis with observations and recommendations of end-to-end usage of billing system

Execute an RFP with four different industry leading Billing System vendors

Create a SOW to ensure that all implementation work was documented

Develop an implementation road map for the different client account types (SMA, Institutional Accounts, etc.)

Establish and document workflows for the fully integrated new Billing System. 


Successfully implemented 30,000+ SMA accounts and 300+ Institutional accounts to the new billing system

Generated direct feeds for Revenue recording to the Corporate Accounting Team

Increased automation and faster generation of client invoices which ultimately lead to reduction in costs and improved collection times.



Billing System
Corporate Accounting
Middle and Back Office Operations teams responsible for billing


12 Months


Implemented an industry-leading Billing System while creating operational efficiencies, reduction of manual work, and improved collection times.

Key Challenge

Identifying a vendor that best met the client’s unique requirements including customizable capabilities to generate performance-based fees

Recipes for Success

Thorough vendor selection process

Agreement of a comprehensive SOW with the vendor

Deployment of a Proof of Concept using actual business case scenario’s

CASE STUDY 6: Global Operating Model

Systems Transformation project to modernize global operating model for an Equity Investment Group

Global Asset Manager    $7+ Trillion Under Management


Multi-year effort to retire non-scalable, regionally focused systems through a Global Equity Management Investment Initiative to develop a consistent global investment philosophy and strategy for the Management of Mutual Funds and ETFs


Standardize the Investment Management Life Cycle Across all Management Offices

Portfolio and Order Management
Monitor Portfolio Tolerances
Manage Cash
Generate and Manage Equity, Futures and Swap Orders
Generate and Manage FX and Currency Hedge Exposure Orders
ETF Basket Maintenance

Investment Risk Management
Pre and Post trade Compliance
Active Risk/Return and Performance Analysis

Investment Operations / Global Data Management
Investment Book of Record (IBOR) – Including Projections and Current Positions
Consolidated Security Master
Index Benchmark Data


Defined Global Workflows by Collaborating with international stakeholder and Subject Matter Experts across the organization to ensure business and technology alignment

Provided leadership to PM’s, BA’s, BSA’s and Development teams including guidance, feedback and training

Defined, Designed, Developed and implemented a custom-built application for Portfolio Management

Integration with Optimizer Tool for Portfolio Optimization (equity and currency) and Portfolio Risk Management

Integration with Data Management Platform for Data Management and Continuous IBOR

Integration with OMS for Compliance and Order Management


$5+ Trillion Managed on Platform

$15+ Billion of Currency Trading/Month

Implemented follow the Sun Global Workflow to leverage local expertise

Custom-built Portfolio Management Tool to support the client’s complex international product suite and apply a uniform business process 



Portfolio Management
Global Data Management
Investment Operations / IBOR
Risk Management
Information Technology


Multi Year


Implemented a Single Global Technology Platform to manage equity and currency trading. Increased Portfolio Manager efficiency, accuracy and set the business up for years of future growth.

CASE STUDY 7: Implementation of a Portfolio Optimizer Solution

Implementation of a Portfolio Optimizer Solution

Wealth Management Client    $1.7 trillion USD    Custom Investment Solutions


Drive the implementation of the Optimizer, leading strategic & tactical design, delivery management, business analysis, implementation, integration, and resource education


Integrate the APO to provide flexible, tailored client solutions

Enablement of asset diversification and risk mitigation

Portfolio construction at scale

Solutions aligned with Policies and Guidelines

Support for a wide range of investment objectives and programs

Optimization solutions for tax-aware portfolios 

Support client specific preferences for tax-aware portfolios

Development and education of an optimization solutions’ group Support of cross-functional technology groups on the integration and concepts of the APO


Define the strategic roadmap for the integration of the APO

Translate investment policies and guidelines into the optimization solutions/ strategies

Lead the data enrichment and integration of the APO into the client ecosystem

Work with external vendors to provide risk model integration
Implement policies, procedures & best practices to support the optimization life-cycle

Incorporate feedback from Financial Advisors and Product groups into the solution design 

Initiate scalable QA and automated testing procedures 

Provide training & ongoing subject matter expertise

Oversee the implementation of product roadmap 

Reduce Time-To-Market and the introduction of Agile solutions through a series of custom utilities


Enabled portfolio optimization solutions across multiple investment programs

Implemented portfolio construction in a cost-efficient & tax-efficient manner

Enhanced the FA/Client experience through workflow integration

Delivered a scaled solution that is utilized at over 16,000 client branches across the United States



Product Management


Financial Advisors


Risk Management


Multi Year


Increased the Financial Advisors’ satisfaction by allowing them to efficiently build tailored client-specific portfolios

Why elite Asset and Wealth Management firms choose to work with Adeptyx.

Industry expertise and knowledge of our consultants.

The ability to balance emerging trends and practical solutions. Reputation for delivering high-impact transformations.

Expert consultants. Trusted Advisors.

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